La Muxlow Gardens

Hi there. I’m La, a self-confessed plant nerd and life-long designer. My garden is truely my happy place, and I want that feeling for all my clients.
For years I’ve worked across different design disciplines, from web to interiors. It wasn’t until I finally settled in Victoria’s countryside, coming the round-about route from South Africa via the UK, that my passion for plants and creating wildlife habitats, emerged. 
Out here, we’re lucky enough to manage 10 acres of beautiful Aussie bush, rolling paddocks and informal country gardens, brimming with fascinating natives and hardy exotic plants.
I love helping people see the potential of their outdoor spaces and watching them fall in love with their new gardens.
My style is natural, informal and elegant with a focus on creating timeless spaces that reflect the unique character of its owners. 

“Just like the interior of your home, your outdoor spaces can be a unique reflection of you, matching the way you want to live and the time you have available to the style that makes your heart sing.

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